Colors and Materials

In this section I will inform you about some tactile characteristics of each of the threads that I usually use. In the scent chart you can see each of them indicating the texture it has and the colors normally available.

Regular cotton has a matte finish and a soft, slightly velvety touch. It is light and cool.

Mercerized cotton has a more satin finish than normal cotton, the mercerization process gives it a nuanced shine, it is more resistant and somewhat more rigid, however when using long fiber cotton, such as Egyptian cotton, the finish is equally flexible and adaptable.

Organic cotton is cotton from organic farming, they are of high quality long fiber and a particularly soft finish.

Viscose has a very soft, shiny finish, is slightly elastic and glides to the touch.

Cotton mixed with viscose has a glossier finish than mercerized and is also somewhat softer to the touch.

Linen with cotton is more rigid, which makes it ideal to maintain some shapes with heavier elements, the linen fibers give it a slightly fibrous finish to the touch, similar to that of mercerized cotton, it is very fresh and comfortable.

Bamboo has a very soft and silky finish to the touch, yet it is very resistant to friction, the fabric is very flexible and pleasant, it usually has a percentage of around 30% cotton.

Silk, the softest of threads, provides a delicate satin finish with a slight sheen that is very pleasant to the touch, it is very malleable. In natural silk dyed with natural dyes, the colors are less intense and present slight variations and shades of color, which makes them very special, these colors may vary with use, washing and exposure to sunlight, but still thus they remain natural and beautiful. However, if you do not like that your jewel can undergo color changes, it is better that you do not choose a natural silk dyed by hand.

Silk with linen, linen nuances the finish of silk, the contrast between the roughest fiber and the softest fiber results in a material that already has a texture in itself. As it is more fibrous, it is somewhat stiffer than silk alone, so it is very suitable in pieces that seek to maintain more shape.