How to choose

All the pieces are hand-woven with different threads. In this section I give you some guidelines so that you can know how is the finish and texture of each jewel.

I only use high-quality yarns that provide a smooth, touch-friendly finish. Cotton, due to its flexibility and resistance, is the fiber I use the most, sometimes mixed with bamboo, linen or viscose. I also use natural silk, alone or with a linen blend. Each piece indicates the material with which it has been woven.

The thickness of the thread defines the texture of the finish. With thicker threads the knot of the fabric is more present and visible, its texture is thicker, with finer threads it is softened. I like to work with scales. In some collections the shapes are repeated varying their size and with it the thickness of the thread used. The smaller shapes are woven with finer threads, giving it a more delicate and uniform finish and the larger ones with thick ones, which provide more relief, according to the distance from which we see them, it is as if we were looking at them with a magnifying glass.

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