I am Purificación Díaz, I love to draw and knit, my father taught me to take a pencil and my mother to use a needle.

Drawing I became an architect and I fell in love with geometry, a somewhat obtuse subject with many rules but, when you get to know it, it is the most fun and mischievous. Weaving I immersed myself in the colors and began to build jewels. The wires were joined by the metals and, in a strange loop, I ended up with a torch in my hand joining pieces of metal, as I used to see my grandfather do when I was little.

I weave jewels full of color so that you can tell your own stories with them, those that talk about you and how you feel. I want to paint you with cheerful strokes that stand out against the neutral tones of the clothes that you hastily pick up from the wardrobe every day, put on light colorful notes that bring out your own emotions.

Landscape, natural forms and geometry are the three bases that inspire my work.

All the jewels that you will find on this website are designed and executed by my hands in Barcelona. It is a slow and laborious process in which I work with threads, metals and small recycled objects, but above all over I work with time, my true raw material, the one that gives that unique value to things made by hand with great care and love.

Hope you enjoy using them.