Earrings PG1321 Copper-Petrol

Semi-long earrings.

Pure Geometry Collection.

Design based on pure geometric lines, circles and spheres. Handmade in silver and copper with a red patina finish. Crochet fabric in petrol Egyptian cotton.

This model has a silver wire hook, which in this case is made shorter so that the earring is closer to the ear, for those who do not feel comfortable with very long earrings.

Dimensions: length 3.3 cm; sphere diameter 1 cm; exterior circle diameter 2 cm. The earrings are made by hand, the length and the outer circle may vary slightly.

Materials: Egyptian cotton, silver and copper, treated with micro waxes. Incorporates silicone plugs to prevent the loss of the earring.

Weave: Fine F1.

55.00 €